About this site

About this site
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New Music for Old People is an alternative music site and newsletter. If you subscribe today, you'll get full access to the website as well as email newsletters about new content when it's available. Your subscription makes this site possible and allows New Music for Old People to continue to exist. Thank you!  If I know you, sign up for the free tier and I will comp you a paid subscription - all I ask is that you tell your friends!

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By signing up, you'll get access to the full archive of everything that's been published before and everything that's still to come. Your very own private library of fresh, delicious playlists.

How it started

I've always loved alt music - punk, post-punk, garage, rock-a-billy, alt-rock etc - and enjoyed the nature of its discovery - especially with friends.  I realized during Covid how much I missed live shows.  I determined to refresh my music tastes and start seeing more bands (in particular at my favorite walk-to venues).  

Many bands and entertainers were hard hit by Covid and so I wanted to potentially provide a way for bands to connect with a new audience - one that can afford swag, and tickets and to tip the bartenders.

At the same time, friends were asking me what I had been listening to - also trying to expand their musical horizons.  Well, I wasn't about to do a podcast so here's a newsletter.

I decided to have a subscription fee mainly just to see what happens.  I am spending some money on hosting, subscribing to music services (so I can support playlists across services - maybe to encourage non-Spotify services), software, etc. But really, I am an entrepreneur and like building things.  If this becomes a nice side-gig, great.  I am not quitting my day job providing on-premises two-factor authentication software.  So don't worry!