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Did you used to love playing new records for friends?

Did you used to be cool? Before kids, jobs etc?

Are you tired of the Feelies Radio on Pandora, despite how awesome it is?

Do you miss great college radio?

Well, have I got a newsletter for you.

Now that the nest is empty and we’ve had (hopefully) a pandemic come and go, I’ve thought a lot about how much fun we used to have around music - going to see bands, playing new albums for friends, etc.  But life happens and sharing records and going to gigs ceases to be part of it.

But it's not like good music stopped when we stopped listening.  I got tired of listening to my Feelies' Pandora station, as great as it was.  I finally signed up for a Spotify account when I realized that I was paying for separate children accounts and that I would save money with a family account.  Then I started using both services to find unheard music that I enjoyed.  

I realized what I was missing: the sharing of good music.  But the days of playing an album for my friends is over. It is about streaming these days for the most part.  Oddly, I find the sharing options on the

So here it is.  My goal is 1-3 emails a month with a playlist stuffed with great music you (mostly) haven't heard before. All for the modest price of $1 per month or $10 per year. The money is to cover the costs and keep me motivated.   What I hope you get:

At least one new song you really like.

At least one new band you're interested in exploring more deeply.

Better recommendations from whatever music service you are using.


If you're a member, click on the playlist link below, then click the Follow On link to choose your streaming service. If you're not a member, subscribe today!

A post-punk playlist to get it started.