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Free Sample: Country music - attempt 2

Free Sample: Country music - attempt 2

Looks like I had a typo on the playlist.

Back in the day, my wife worked at the Star Bar in Little Five Points, Atlanta.  At the time they were booking some of the best rockabilly and country rock bands around.  We saw so many excellent bands there from Southern Culture on the Skids to Dexter Womrebber.

I have a love-hate relationship with country music in that I hate most of it but really love the stuff I love.  Sturgill Simpson was eye-opening for me.  But Chris Stapleton leaves me flat.  So expect lively country with smart lyrics.

As for smart lyrics, I really enjoy the Pistol Annies.  In “Got My Name Changed Back” I love the line “I don't let a man get the best of me. Spent an afternoon at the DMV. Got my name changed back."

Another great find in this list is The Kernel.   Like Sturgill Simpson he’s got a real classic country vibe.

But for me, I like things that move.

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