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Major labels suck

Major labels suck
Photo by Hernan Carlos / Unsplash

Read this article about how major labels won't release songs until the artist has a viral Tiktok that supports it.  Or don't.  You know the story: big corps want to make money as easily as possible and are often functionally incapable of seeing beyond their immediate desires to actually create value.

Labels used to fund the costs of recording and promotion - pushing tours and getting bands on TV shows etc - far more than a band could do on their own.  But guess what - now bands can do most of that stuff themselves or very inexpensively. They can create merch online, stream online and with Bandcamp, press albums for fans.  Now the labels are saying they have to do the marketing too.

New Music for Old People is really just an itch I am trying to scratch right now - I'm not sure it will be anything beyond a hobby. If it is, it will be in the void the labels are creating - helping bands market themselves - in this case to us olds who aren't on TikTok.  The next step is getting 1 billion users, I suppose.

This playlist is somewhat an homage to the Garage rock of the past.  I find that many bands have a better production quality these days.  (I mean they could still be in a garage, but Garageband on a Mac just sounds better than a 4-track.)  I miss the raw sound, but these songs still rock.

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